Time Check! Where’s My Sanity???

Written by Kioka Dunston of kiokacoaching, inc.  We helped to edit (smile).

tic tocHave you ever had so much to do in so little time, that you felt as if you were actually losing your mind? Like the time you missed your exit on the highway because you were consumed with your overwhelming to-do list? Or how you make it look like you’re multi-tasking by listening in on a meeting while checking Facebook, text messages, voicemail, and online shopping? How about that time you knew you had to stop at the grocery store or Target or Walmart but you didn’t remember what you needed, and instead sat in your car wondering why you were there? Yeah, we’ve all done it.

It can be overwhelming, right? Instead of saving time, we waste it. Then we beat ourselves up but, because we’re creatures of habit, we go right back to our same habits and expect or hope for a different result; the definition of (you got it!) insanity.

So what can we do about this? We can’t exactly increase the number of hours in the day, and we can’t make the week or month or year any longer. Truth be told, we probably don’t want to do that anyway. We just want to not feel so frazzled, so hurried.

How do we take our control back? How do we reclaim our sanity?

Take a vacation!

Yeah right, we can just take off anytime we want – that’s crazy talk! But if we can’t take a physical vacay, why not a mental or emotional one? My friend Esha of Events by Ashé recently talked about planning a retreat in 15 minutes or less. One of the tips she gave was to take 15 minutes each day to research and plan your vacation. Well, why can’t we apply this to our everyday lives?

helpEsha also talked about how helpful it is to hire a professional who can take care of those trip details so all we have to do is show up. She also mentioned that it’s actually more affordable to travel than you may realize. So how can we apply this to our every day? Can we hire someone else to take care of those details, such as grocery shopping or other concierge services? What resources can you redirect to those services that can help you reclaim your time and sanity? If you use the dining-out budget to invest in a housekeeper, might you instead cook healthy meals at home? If you use that $20-25 a week to fund (fill in the blank here), might you feel more peaceful with full memory intact?

While you’re at it, give yourself permission to be in the moment, no matter where you are. By now I know you’ve seen many articles about the power of mindfulness. Once you begin to practice it, a funny thing occurs. You actually start getting more stuff done because the “stuff” actually gets the attention it deserves. So you won’t feel pressured to do 4 things at once.

We don’t have to kowtow to our North American standard of busyness for busy sake. Let’s commit now to our right to take vacations in physical/mental/spiritual/emotional forms while acknowledging our right to stay in the moment and truly accomplish. Let us know how that’s working out for you by leaving a comment below.

Your “cheering squad” are the people who can help support you as you become more mindful and taking a vacation mentally or otherwise. Don’t have a cheering squad? Or perhaps you need a cheering squad check? You’re in luck because you can join my friend Esha and I on Wed Nov 11 for our “3 ways to build your cheering squad” teleseminar. For more details about this, please click here.

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SONY DSCKioka Dunston is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach and owner of kiokacoaching, inc. based in Durham, NC.  Kioka provides personal coaching for corporate professionals, group coaching for entry-level female entrepreneurs, and PeopleMap assessments and workshops to small and medium-sized organizations.  Kioka is also a speaker and workshop facilitator who actively engages and inspires audiences in various forums including Dress for Success, Society of Human Resource Management, Women’s Empowerment Series, Women’s Power Networking, InSpire Mom Summit, Durham Business and Professional Chain, WildWackyWonderfulWomenoftheWorld (W5), and Job Seekers Forum.

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