What have I been sewing? My June makes

Okay, so I have to be honest here. I didn’t make much in June! Although throughout the earlier part of this year, I’ve been pretty diligent about working through my Colornote sewing list and checking things off, when I got to my kitchen curtain project, things stalled…and stalled…and stalled. For weeks! Okay, maybe for a month or more (no, really).

This happened for 2 reasons: 1. I was going to cut into my beautiful African fabric that I purchased from MACPRI (direct from Ghana) and 2. What if I messed up using my pretty fabric – and ended up kicking myself – and having a daily reminder of how badly I messed up staring me right in the face (everyday)?

Yes, I do get dramatic about beautiful fabric. One look at my fabric stash and you would understand (kinda).

So, how did I get over myself? I took a deep breath and approached this dilemma the only way I know how – logically. Firstly, how badly could I mess up while sewing kitchen curtains? Well, truthfully not too badly. Maybe a crooked seam here or there, but that won’t be the end of world. These curtains will be mostly straight lines and you can sew a straight line pretty well.

But wait, I could measure incorrectly and they could end up too short! (Deep breath here again) Well, you can measure twice, and ONLY cut when you’re 100% sure the measurements are correct. You’ll take your time.

But, the fabric is BEAUTIFUL! Yes, it is. However, what good will it do sitting in a plastic bin with no one to admire it? That was it, I was ready to go!

Now that you have taken a personally guided tour through my mind (lol), here’s a photo of the finished product. I’m so proud of my new curtains and they turned out pretty awesome (if I do say so myself)! I’ve been taking a moment every morning to smile at them and admire my handiwork.

Sometimes when you’re stalled on a project or a decision or taking action, it just takes a little self talk to honestly see how things really are.  That’s my “E”piphany of the day!

See below for photos of some other projects that I’ve been working on over the last few months.

The most challenging one of the 2 were the kimonos in the 2nd photo! The pattern itself was easy to follow but since this was my first attempt at using knit fabrics, I was a little intimidated!

I used McCall’s 5671, which is out of print right now, but you might be able to find it on Amazon or EBay. I made the brown one first and loved it so much, I made 2 more out of lightweight, knit fabric that I bought at JoAnn’s (click here to see the available colors). The grey version has a little belt to go with it.  I’m finding these are perfect for being indoors during the summer with the chilly A/C!

Projects I’ll be working on this month include a couple of 3 quarter sleeved jackets (very excited to work on these) and modifying a couple of garments for summer wear. More on that over the next few weeks!

Alright, that’s it for now! I’m curious; what project have you been working on? Leave me a comment below.

Until next week…


6 thoughts on “What have I been sewing? My June makes

  1. Judy Simon

    I’m not a sewer and I hate to iron. When I was a teenager I talked my mom into letting me take sewing lessons. I went to ONE lesson and hated it so much that I just pretended to go for the rest of the lessons but I really snuck off to be with my boyfriend lol. Don’t know how I thought I’d get away with not having a finished, newly-sewed project to show my folks at the end of my lessons!

    The closest I get to sewing was a recent project where I created designs to transfer onto deep red t-shirts for my grandchildren. I had made individual designs for each of them with photos of them intigrated into images of their latest fad… Lego Ninjago. My granddaughter is a size small and my grandson is a medium. I kept putting off ironing them on to to the t-shirts… that whole hatred of ironing thing. Here’s where my story relates to the “what could go wrong” aspect of your story.

    First off… I ironed my granddaughter’s likeness on to my grandson’s t-shirt. T-shirt # 1 trashed. Back to the store to get another medium t-shirt. Finally get up the courage to iron once again. Follow the instructions for my light fabric transfers instead of dark fabric t-shirts. Totally ruin the transfer AND the t-shirt! T-shirt # 2 trashed! Off to the store to get another medium t-shirt. Take a few days to get up the courage to iron again. Finally, on my THIRD t-shirt I have success.

    I’ll tell you, it will be a long time before I iron anything again! And sewing… never. I must say though that I am envious when I see the beautiful things that you create!

    1. Esha Post author

      Hey Judy, thanks for sharing this story! Good for you to keep going in spite of the multiple set backs. Great way to show persistence!

  2. D. E Reid

    Hi Esha…don’t know why we were hesitant about making those curtains…you are a good sewer…you have always challenged yourself on your sewing journey and the outcomes have been amazing…as an avid sewer I will tell you the curtains, cushions and kimono look amazing….keep doing your thing.

    1. Esha Post author

      Thanks so much Aunty D! I don’t know why I get stuck like that sometimes on seemingly simple projects; it just happens! You’re my inspiration – hopefully 1 day, I’ll have sewing skills just like yours and then I’ll be fearless 🙂

      1. D. E Reid

        Yes you will … I can tell by some of the things you have made, like sewing with knit …you are on your way to become a master.

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