It’s #throwbacktravelthursday! The Tobago Love edition (part 2)

It’s #throwbacktravelthursday! The Tobago Love edition (part 2)
Throwback Travel Thursday is here again! As a reminder, in these blogs, I’ll be writing about Tarik’s and my travels around the world from 2007 to the present. Here we go…

Get ready for part 2 of the Tobago Love Edition. In case you missed part 1, click here to get caught up.

What can you do in Tobago that’s unique/special?  [continued from part 1]

If you’re into sightseeing and taking in the local scene, just a few of the spots to visit are:

  • Aaaah…the Argyle Falls!

    The Argyle Falls.  A scenic, lovely spot with 3 easily accessible levels of waterfalls. There are many more, but the 3 levels are accessible via a cleared hiking path. The other upper levels are not cleared for easy hiking. Trust me, just sitting at the bottom of the falls and taking in all of the scenery is enough to bring peace to your soul. There’s a small entrance fee and there are guided tours every couple of hours if you’d like to learn more about the history of the falls and surrounding property.

  • Gemma’s Treehouse. Yes, it is a restaurant. Yes, part of the restaurant is in a tree. And yes, the food is spectacular! Getting some local cuisine has never been so unique or fun. Be sure to go early for lunch to get a wider array of local foods.
  • Speaking of more great food – visit Store Bay Beach for more local flavor. The ladies of Store Bay Beach do not disappoint! Store Bay Beach is a cool “limin” beach. If you don’t know what “limin” is, it’s this – hanging out, chillin’ with usually some kind of food, music and friends/family. Laughter usually plays a big part in “limin”!

If water sports are your thing, then this is the island for you! Tobago offers everything from yachting to snorkeling and everything in between. Here are a few of the water activities that I highly recommend:

  • The gorgeous waters of the Nylon Pool

    Glass bottom boat and Nylon Pool trip. There is a natural reef area around the southern tip of Tobago known as the Buccoo Reef. During the glass bottom boat trips, you can see colorful fish and the natural coral in the water. On some boat trips you can go snorkeling. Also on some trips you get to stop at the Nylon Pool, which is a lovely shallow area in the middle of the ocean. The Nylon Pool is many miles off the coast of Tobago, with clear, gentle waters and is shallow enough for you to stand in the white sand. This is (just) another great photo op!

  • Stand up paddling. If you’d like to experience a gentle water sport, then stand up paddling is for you! You’ll get your own surf board, a paddle, an instructor in the shallow parts of the ocean. You don’t need to know how to swim since the water is quite shallow and you’ll be outfitted with a life jacket. A lesson is usually about 1 hour and you’ll learn the basics. Once you’ve got that down, why not try a night time lesson? Tobago’s has unique flora and fauna that light up at night, giving you a glow in the dark experience that you won’t soon forget!
  • Here we are sunning it up during our yacht trip!

    Yachting. This is my fave thing to do in Tobago. Just find a local yachting company, book a spot or spots for you and your friends and they’ll handle the rest! Some companies offer pick up at your hotel or villa and will take you directly to the yacht. Spend the day sunning on the yacht or do some snorkeling to see the fishies! If your trip features a trip to No Man’s Land, then you’re in for a treat. No Man’s Land is a narrow strip of land and features BBQ parties, beautiful scenery (yes for more photos) and is perfect for a lime. Some yacht trips feature an open bar and catered lunch.

The E.piphany factor
Having had several E.piphany’s while visiting Tobago myself, it scores very high in my opinion – 4.5 out of 5. What’s the E.piphany factor? I like to refer to this as having those special moments that allow you to re-evaluate or re-assess your life and what you’re currently doing with it. With Tobago’s amazing scenery, awesome sunrises and sunsets, and high chill factor you’re guaranteed to have many of these moments while you’re visiting there. Hey, you might end up like some tourists and decide to live there!

I hope you enjoyed learning just a little bit about Tobago, one of my favorite places on Earth! If you’re interested in traveling to Tobago with me, check out Ultimate Trinidad Carnival’s Tobago Love Upgrade! We’re taking just a few lucky people to experience Tobago (and it’s already 50% sold out). You’ll get to enjoy the activities listed in this blog and stay at a fantastic villa, right on the beach!

To learn more, visit our website by clicking here.  If you’re interested in organizing a Tobago Love girls’ trip of your own, please contact us.

Thanks as always for reading and til next time…


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