10X10: the Carnival edition – part 1

Phew!  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted…did you miss me?  😉

A lot has happened over the last few months – becoming a new mommy is by far the biggest “happening”!  My beautiful baby boy, Kwame was born 5 months ago and honestly, life just hasn’t been the same (in a good way).  I’ll be blogging a bit more about this very soon and sharing some of my mommy insights so stay tuned!

On to this week’s blog – as you know, dear reader I love to travel.  One of the challenges I’ve had practically all of my life is that I’m an avid over-packer.  *sigh* I’ve tried and tried over the years to pare down and over the past couple of years I’ve actually gotten better!  I even traveled to Dubai and San Francisco on the same trip with a carry on.

I recently came across the 10X10 challenge while reading my latest Sew News magazine (click here to purchase).  The concept is pretty simple; select 10 items of clothing from your closet (including shoes) and wear them for the next 10 days.  Accessories weren’t included in the 10 items.  While I don’t think it was intended for travel, I was so excited by the concept that I decided to give it a try during our latest Ultimate Trinidad Carnival trip (Tarik, Kwame and I traveled from Mon Feb 5 and returned on Mon Feb 19).  So, that means I had 10 items to wear over 14 days – so I went a little over the suggested guideline.

To adapt this concept successfully for Trinidad Carnival, I had to modify the challenge a little bit:

  • There was no way I could include shoes in the 10 items! I ended bringing 6 pairs of shoes in total – a pair of J’ouvert sneakers because of the mud and paint involved in this amazing festival, a pair of boots for the Carnival Monday and Tuesday parade, a pair of sneakers for travel days, a pair of gold sandals, a pair of silver sandals and a pair of flip flops for the beach!
  • All of my sleepwear was not included in the 10 item count. A grey tank top doubled as day 1 travel wear and then as sleep wear.  I also added another tank top and 2 pairs of pajama bottoms to my suitcase.
  • Obviously underwear and bras weren’t included 🙂
  • Swimwear also wasn’t included in the 10 items. I brought 3 bathing suits with me – 1 for AM Beach; a beach party that Tarik and I attended and then 2 other ones for our trips to Maracas Beach and Tobago.
  • I also added 1 Ultimate Trinidad Carnival tank top that I needed to wear to our Friday night party, Phuket. This item was necessary for the clients who arrived on Friday so they could recognize our UTC team easily at the end of the party.

I brought quite a few accessories including 3 shawls, 3 small purses (although I forgot where I packed 2 of the 3 and ended up using 1 for every party) plus many pairs of earrings and necklaces so I had plenty of variety to change it up a bit.

Here are the 10 items I decided to take (please keep in mind there were several rounds of editing to arrive at these choices).  I’m starting at the top left and going clockwise through all of the items:

1) A white fit and flare dress (this was mandatory for wearing to Lime at the Hyatt, an all-white party)

2) A pair of vintage washed skinny jeans (so comfy and in a 37 inseam length.  I bought them from Alloy; Siena high waist skinny jean)

3) A white and navy striped button up top (Stitchfix purchase)

4) A grey tank top (doubled as sleep wear after I traveled to Trinidad in it)

5) A black, sleeveless blouse (Stitchfix purchase; it has lace at the top so I get a little peek-a-book action lol)

6) A red, flowy, sleeveless blouse (Stitchfix purchase)

7) A pair of jean shorts (Stitchfix purchase)

8) A pair of seersucker long pants (made by me!  The material was gifted by my aunty Dorothy.  Soooo comfy!)

9) A black, printed, wrap dress (another made by me creation.  I love this rayon fabric, it’s very lightweight and reminds me of my travels since the print is made up of major global cities)

10) A purple, convertible, wrap dress (made by me again!  I made this right before I left to wear specifically to Sunny Side Up the breakfast party.  It wraps in different ways, but I wanted to wear it specifically as a Grecian style dress)

In the next blog, I’ll detail how I wore these 10 items.  Overall, I had a lot of fun with this challenge and I hope it inspires you to pare down your suitcase for future travel!

Until next time,


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